Foreign Collaboration:

Since its inception, it has been working in partnership with the corporate sector, while retaining its academic freedom. Inspired by other renowned institutions like IIT (India), IISc (Banglore, India) and UNLV (Las Vegas, USA), Marist College (New York, USA) and also drawing from their experience the department is planning to head toward obtaining the goal. The department is seeking to establish collaboration between the foreign universities and academic institutions that would empower the academic base of the departmental.

Prof. Dr. Laxmi Prasad Gewali, Department of Computer Science, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA visited the department, conducted the lecture and supported on departmental research.

Prof. Dr. Srinath Srinivasa, International Institute of Information Technology, Banglore, India visited the department to conduct lecture and guide the students in Master degree thesis.

Prof. Dr. Onkar Sharma, School of Computer Science Mathematics, Marist College, USA visited the department, conducted the lecture for the semester and supervised the students for their Master’s degree thesis. The CDCSIT and Prof. Sharma have been working to establish a possible bridge program between the Marist college and CDCSIT.

The department is seeking to establish collaboration with the foreign Universities and academic institutions that would support the departmental research.

National Collaborations:

The Department is in joint collaboration with top level multinational software development companies like D2Hawkeye Services. The aim of such collaboration is to let the students enough platform so that they can blend themselves into the professional software development life. Beside these, the motto is to jointly work on the development and research of the IT trends, concepts and algorithms currently needed in the market.

The department has organized (jointly with Central Department of Linguistics, Tribhuvan University) a 5 day workshop on �Computational Linguistics� from 15th February to 20th February, 2009. Prof. Dr. Miriam Butt, Konstanz University, Germany visited the department as expert on the invitation of Prof. Dr. Y.P. Yadav, Head of the Central Department of Linguistics.

Likewise, the department has initiated to work with Madan Pursakar Guthi, Nepal in the field of Natural Language Processing. In this connection, Prof. Dr. Sarmad Hussain , Head of the Department of Computer Science and of the Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore Pakistan, visited the department CDCSIT and discussed over the possibilities of introducing Natural Language Processing at CDCSIT in collaboration by introducing new curriculum on NLP or organizing the summer/winter schools.

Research and Development (R & D) Center:

It has been always the keen interest of the department to establish the Research and Development Center within the department. This is the most crucial objective that the department is preparing itself to achieve it. An initiation has been taken by establishing a relationship with the international research centers like; CEC Tech, Japan. However, we are still lacking of certain financial support as well as infrastructure. We are expecting a kind support from national and international donors. The department has set out its plan to intermingle itself as an academic as well as research center. This commitment will lead the department as a sound IT Center in the Tribhuvan University itself.