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CDCSIT Seminars

Title Submitted by Batch Semester
A Simulated Annealing Based Approach for ATM Network Optimization Bal krishna Subedi 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Protection: Virtual Machines. Sandeep Aryal 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Opinion Mining Chiranjibi Sitaula 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Halting Problem in Finite State of Programs Ghanshyam Mahato 2009-2011 2nd Semester
P Versus NP Ram krishna Dahal 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Neural Network Jamuna Maharjan 2009-2011 2nd Semester
SIP Protocols Ananda K.C 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Speech and Natural Language Processing Rohit Prasad Bhatta 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Statistical Machine Translation Tej Bahadur Shahi 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Wireless Mess Network Laxman B.C 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Face Recognition with Principle Component Analysis Ashok Kumar Pant 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Visibility Based Robot Path Planning Problem Harendra Raj Bista 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Genetic Algorithms for Optimization Surya Bahadur Bam 2009-2011 2nd Semester
ANN: Supervised Hebbian Learning Bishnu Singh Rawal 2009-2011 2nd Semester
CAPTCHA and Automated Responses Ashish Singh Bista 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Secure Hash Algorith-256 Neetin Sharma 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Intrusion Detection System Against DDoS Attacks Laxman Manandhar 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Classification Across Multiple Database Relations Bhupendra Singh Bohara 2009-2011 2nd Semester
NP- hard. Nabin Ghimire 2009-2011 2nd Semester
XSL: A Cryptanalytic Approach to AES Sita Ram Khadka 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Real Time Embedded Multithreading Sushant Paudel 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Voice XML Ramesh Neupane 2002-2004 1st Semester
Abhimanu Yadav Causal Order Multicast Algorithm 2009-2011 2nd Semester
Image Processing and Classification of Remotely Sensed Data Rajan Budhathoki 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Comparison between 3G and WiFi Technologies Tojendra Rokaya 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Touch Screen Technology Shyam Kishor Chaudhary 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Routers: Technologies and Principles Lok Prakash Pandey 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Optical Networking and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing.[DWDM] Deependra Prasad Bhatt 2008-2010 3rd Semester
IBM Translation Models for Statistical Machine Translation Dinesh Kumar Khadka 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Speech Recognition Hari Prashad Pant 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Garbage Collection Techniques Bijeta Subedi 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Advanced Encryption Standard [AES] Design, Implementation, & Simulation Manik Pradhananga 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Ambiguities in Machine Translation Pravakar Ghimire 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Query Processing in Rajendra Lamichhane 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Asynchronous Transfer Mode [ATM] Yadab Raj Ojha 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Concurrency Control in Distributed Database Systems Suresh Thapa 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Secure Hash Algorithm using SHA- 512 Satya Bahadur Maharjan 2008-2010 3rd Semester
The Response Time Variability Problem Shiv Raj Pant 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Web Application Vulnerabilities Rabindra Maharjan 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Direct Web Remoting [DWR]: An Easy Ajax for Java Sumendra Maharjan 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Wimax Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Roshan Silwal 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Artificial Neural Networks Bharat Bahadur Kathayat 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Virtual Private Network. [VPN] Tara Mani Rai 2008-2010 3rd Semester
Cloud Computing Shova Shrestha 2008-2010 3rd Semester
QoS in WirelessLAN Nanda Kishor Ray 2008-2010 3rd Semester
MAC Protocols Narendra Bdr. Bohara 2008-2010 3rd Semester
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