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M.Sc. (CSIT) Program

The M. Sc. Computer Science and Information Technology curriculum is designed by closely following the courses practiced in accredited international universities, subject to the condition that the intake students are mostly from three years B. Sc. Computer Science program at Tribhuvan University. In addition to the standard core and elective computer science courses, the program offers service courses to meet the need of high technology application. The foundation and core courses are designed to meet the graduate program requirement, and the service courses are designed to meet the need of fast changing computer technology and application. Students enrolled in the graduate program are required to take course in design and implementation of computer software systems, foundation in the theoretical model of computer science, and functional background of computer hardware. All graduation students are required to complete 40 credit hours of computer science courses.

The objective of the M. Sc. Computer Science program at Tribhuvan University is to offer intensive course in the design, theory, programming and application of computers. The courses are designed to admit student who have completed B. Sc. ( 3 years) program of Tribhuvan University or its equivalent.

Hours of Instruction:
1. Working Days: 70 days in a semester.
2. Class hour:
i. 3 credit hours with theory and lab is equivalent to 3 lecture hours and 3*4 lab hours = 15 working hours per week.
ii. 3 credit hours with theory-only course is equivalent to 3 lecture hours and 3*2 assignment hours = 9 working hours per week.
Assignment hours include library work, home work, problem solving session, literature searching on the web, etc. 3. Attendance: 70 percent in each paper in compulsory.

Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University will conduct the final examination at the end of each semester. 80% weightage will be given to the final examination and 20% for the internal assessment to be conducted by the concerned department.

Pass marks:
Theory - 50 %v Practical – 50 %v A student having passed his/her 4 semesters (2 years) of study will be graded as follows:
• Distinction Division 80 % and above ( 4 semester’s average)
• First Division 70 % and above ( 4 semester’s average)
• Second Division 60 % and above ( 4 semester’s average)
• Third Division 50 % and above ( 4 semester’s average)
The student will have to pass separately in theory and practical examinations.

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